Nepal nature

Nepal stretches in a long strip along the highest mountain system of the planet – the Himalayas. In the south, where the country borders India, there are vast rainforests that are home to rhinos, tigers, elephants and leopards. In the protected areas of the Chitwan National Park, you can observe wild animals in their natural habitat.

Aama Bhujung (Pregnant Mother), Barun Valley, Nepal

In the north of Nepal, near the borders with China and Tibet, rhododendrons have grown freely. Almost all of this part of the highland state is located several kilometers above sea level and is covered with snow. Here is the legendary “roof of the earth” – the top of Everest.

One of the brightest and most attractive corners of the Himalayan mountains is Annapurna Park, on the territory of which there are numerous streams, mountain waterfalls and rice fields, and it is surrounded by majestic peaks – “eight-thousanders”. Magnolias in bloom can be seen here in spring and autumn. On the rocky ledges above the river, you will surely notice a small animal resembling a deer from a distance – this is a caborga, or, as it is also called, a musk ram. The males of this species have a unique gland filled with musk, the world’s most expensive animal product. It is still widely used in oriental medicine today. In the foothills of the Himalayas, a mountain river originates, which forms one of the steepest and deepest gorges in the world, falling from the top and rushing to the Lamosung dam – Bhote Koshi.

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