Nepal climate

The climate of this mountainous country is unusually diverse, it varies from tropical in the southern regions to arctic in the high Himalayas. In the south of Nepal, the air temperature in July reaches 27-30 ° C., In January – 15-17 ° C. In summer, monsoons bring moisture from the Indian Ocean, while in winter it is, on the contrary, dry and cool. The northern mountainous regions are characterized by a more severe climate, there are eternal glaciers and real tundra. The most difficult climatic conditions are in the so-called “ice zone”, located 5200 meters above sea level. For example, on the way to the summit of Everest, climbers can expect a temperature of -60 ° C. and wind gusts up to 50 m / s.

Locals distinguish six seasons: “grishma” or summer lasts from April to the end of May, “barsha” or the rainy season – from early June to late July, “charade” or harvest time – from August to September, “hamanta” or autumn time – from October to November, “shishir” or winter – from December to January, “basant” or spring – from February to March.

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